The Corso Verona coffee

Corso Verona Classic coffee

The Corso Verona Classic coffee's characteristic and creamy flavour is guaranteed by the first-class coffee beans coming from tropical areas, and are roasted with the original traditional Italian technology. One cup of Corso Verona Classic coffee will present you with the happy atmosphere of a real Italian café in your everyday.

Corso Verona Espresso coffee

It is a well-known fact among coffee connoisseurs that the best coffee consists of 100% of Arabica coffee beans, which are, unlike others, tastier, more aromatic, and its aftertaste lasts longer: ensuring an enjoyable coffee experience. The Arabica coffee-shrub is a very delicate plant, therefore its cultivation demands great care. The Corso Verona Espresso coffee is made only of first-class Arabica coffee beans, using state-of-the-art Italian technology.

Corso Verona Ristorante coffee

The Corso Verona Ristorante coffee has a uniquely rich taste which is guaranteed by the world's most expensive, first-class, carefully selected Arabica coffee beans, which come from tropical areas, especially from the Brazilian plantations. The Corso Verona Espresso coffee is made of top quality Italian manufacturing technology, therefore the coffee's taste is harmonic and balanced.